Picture Pefect Portrait Party - Kim Kalina Photography

Picture Pefect Portrait Party

A Picture Perfect Portrait Party can be held for families who would like to have a Snapshot Session. A host invites 3 to 5 families to the Picture Perfect Party for a Snapshot Session.  The host chooses the location usually at his or her house or at a park or other outdoor location.  Each family participates in their own Snapshot Session which lasts 20-30 minutes.  During this time, the remaining families can socialize, eat some fun food, and enjoy their time together.  Each family receives 10-15 pictures on disk within 2 weeks.  There are many benefits to hosting and attending a Picture Perfect Portrait Party!

Host Benefits

Free Snapshot Session with 3 or more participating families 

Free 8x10 wrapped canvas print of their choice from their Snapshot Session

25% off customizable wall art

Guest Benefits

Earn $15 off the Snapshot Session if a guest books and holds a Picture Perfect Party.  The family will receive their portrait disk and the discount at their Picture Perfect Party.

Ready to host Picture Perfect Party?  Contact Kim Kalina at kimkalinaphoto@gmail.com or 402.881.9246 today!